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Company Information

eg: Senang
eg: 123456-X
eg: John
eg: 60181234567

Business Information

How does your company capture start time and end time of a job?

Is there a defined time limit for each job? If yes, will it be defined by the company or customer?

If the contract staff/freelancer is unable to complete the job within the time limit, will the job be extended or cancelled or considered as a new job?

If extended, will the company declare it as 1 job or 2 jobs?

In the event of claims, the benefits will pay to company or freelancers?

Will the insurance be made on a compulsory basis or voluntary basis?

Additional Information

How many freelancers does your company have in your application and how many are active users?
What is the average % of freelancers that conduct more than 2 jobs per day?
What is the average number of jobs per freelancer in a day?


eg: Senang
eg: 123456-X
eg: John
eg: 60181234567

Underwritten By: Zurich General Insurance Company Berhad

Product Name: Group Personal Accident

Agency Code: D15635-000(SenangNvs Sdn.Bhd)

Policy Deposit Fees
This amount will be credited into Senang Merchant Portal for company to issue new transactions RM275.00